Food Banks Norway is non-profit organization that fights food waste and helps the disadvantaged by rescuing and redistributing surplus food in risk of going to waste. This way, we give food, people and the environment a new chance.
The organization has soon eight food banks strategically located around Norway. The first food bank opened in Oslo in 2013. Next up came Tromsø in 2016 and Bergen in 2017. 2018 saw the opening of food banks in both Trondheim and Rogaland, and 2019 started off with the opening of food banks in Sørlandet and in Vestfold & Telemark. We hope to open a food bank in Innlandet by the end of the year.
The way our food banks work is simple: Food banks receive surplus food from the food industry (producers and wholesalers) and redistribute it among charity organizations that provide food aid.
The food received and redistributed by our food banks is food that for various reasons cannot be sold through traditional sales channels and are at risk of going to waste. Some examples of surplus food are:
Products with short shelf life left
Products with packing changes that do not affect the safety of the food.
Seasonal items / Campaigns
Food from over production