We give food, people and the environment a new chance

Matsentralen is a network of food banks that redistributes surplus food from food industry to non-profit organizations that help disadvantaged people in Norway.
Through our work, we help both the food industry to reduce food waste, and nonprofit organizations to help people in need. In 2022, the Norwegian food banks saved more than 5508 tons of food from going to waste and redistributed this to more than 500 non-profit organizations that help people in vulnerable life situations.

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This is how we work

Food industry

1. Food industry

The food banks receive surplus food from the food industry. This is food that, for various reasons is not cannot be distributed through regular channels, but that is perfectly safe to eat.

Non-profit organisations

3. Nonprofit organizations

We have almost 550 nonprofit organizations in our network. They redistribute the food by serving meals and/or handing out food assistance to people in need.


2. The food bank

The food is sorted and stored at our warehouses, before being distributed to nonprofit organizations.

People in need

4. People in need

The food reaches those that need it the most. This way Food Banks Norway gives people, food and the environment a new chance.

Food Banks in Norway

The network has 8 food banks that cover Norway from North to South. Matsentralen Oslo was established in September 2013, Matsentralen Tromsø in 2016 and Matsentralen Vestland in 2017. In 2018, Matsentralen Trondheim and Matsentralen Rogaland opened. In 2019, Matsentralen Sør and Matsentralen Vestfold & Telemark opened. Matsentralen Inlandet opened in 2021.

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More than a meal

Matsentralen collaborates with more than 500 nonprofit organizations that help us redistribute food to reach those who need it most. Many of the organizations are part of umbrella orgasnizations such as The Salvation Army, The Blue Cross, or The Church City Mission. We also collaborate with local players such as the Care Café in Trondheim, Open Hands for You in Rogaland or Osterøyhjelpen in Bergen.

In addition to a hot meal or a bag of groceries, the nonprofit organizations offer a variety of measures to help people out of their difficult situation as for example, medical treatment, education or job guidance. On our Food Map you can find more information about these organizations and their initiatives, including contact information in case you find yourself in a difficult situation and need help.

Matsentralen Food Map

A sustainable food system

Food Banks Norway contributes to 7 of the 17 UN's Sustainability Goals - the world's common work plan to eradicate poverty, fight inequality and stop climate change by 2030. Read more about how our work helps the authorities and the food industry to achieve these goals.

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